Day 27

“Spring in the Scottish Highlands”

Acrylic on  paper. Another version of the same subject, which I like so much, that I already painted it twice – one is in a private collection in California, one is in my Etsy store.

Acrylic on paper, 6″x 3.5″

Day 25

“Old cemetery, Scottish Highlands”

Gouache on  paper. Another take on the same subject, my larger acrylic on wood painting, which which is in my Etsy store.

Gouache on paper, 6″x 3.5″

Day 12

“Garden cafe, Bagan”

This painting is  again from my travels in Burma. We stumbled upon this lovely little garden cafe in Bagan, an oasis of fresh greenery, which was a pleasant sight for the eyes tired from miles of orange-red dusty (although beautiful) landscape.

Oil on gessoed acid-free foamboard, 7″x 5″, ON HOLD