Day 15

“Two apples”, oil on canvas paper, mounted on board, 7″x 5″

I love the shapes and the difference between these two, so I thought they will make a good pair for the today’s painting.

    Oil on canvas paper, mounted on board 7″x 5″, $90
(free shipping)

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Day 13

“Dried Espelette peppers”, oil on Clairefontaine paper, mounted on board.

Today’s model – a bunch of dried Espelette papers, hanging in our kitchen. I bought it a long time ago, but with all my love of hot chilies, it is still there, untouched, because it looks so pretty on a string.

                                    Oil on paper, mounted on board 7″x 5″, $90 (incl. shipping)

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Day 6

Oyster and lime

                                    Oil on canvas paper, mounted on board 6″x 6″, SOLD

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Day 5

Limes and cumquats. Today’s painting.

                                        Limes and cumquats, oil on canvas paper, 6″x 6″, NFS

Day 1 of A Painting a Day Project

 Oranges with Moroccan perfume bottle


 oil on acid-free gessoed foam board, 6″x4″, NFS
(The size of the board itself is 9.5″x 7″)
Today I am starting the Painting a Day Project. This is something I wanted to try since I first heard of it, which was a long time ago. So for the past couple of months, I was painting more than usual, testing the waters, seeing if it is even feasible to paint every day. I think it is. At the moment all my works are small and it is possible to finish them in one sitting.
I’ve done a few landscapes and still lives and I had a stretch of small abstracts. I have a sort of conflict in me – I love realistic pictures and I love abstracts too. (Don’t one supposed to choose one style and stick with it? Oh, well, it’s not going to happen).  I played with different mediums and different supports. The cold gloomy Parisian winter is perfect for staying inside and just paint. Until the weather improves and I can come out to try some plein air, I am sticking to abstracts, I am also turning the photographs I took on my travels into small paintings, as well as getting out fruits and veggies to paint still lives.
And the result of this month – I open my Etsy shop and put there all the paintings I have done so far. And will be adding more all the time.
Or if you like something here, you can just simply click on PayPal button and the painting is yours:)
Thank you!


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Pears, oil and charcoal on paper


Another painting/sketch which I have done with oil on paper.

The paper has almost no grain and still, I really like how oil interacts with it. You can put it on diluted or thick -it takes it beautifully.

Painting of pears