Day 20


This is Yangon. The ex-capital is full of majestic colonial buildings, built by the British long time ago, which now stood abandoned, discolored, blackened by time and tropical downpours, surrounded by overgrown gardens, with birds flying freely in and out of empty eye sockets of the windows.


  Oil on acid-free gessoed Clairefontaine paper, mounted, 7″x 5″

Day 7

I was very busy today, so I had time only to do a little gouache sketch.

Cimetiére Saint-Vincent, Paris.  This special tiny cemetery  just off one of the streets in Montmartre,  has no tourist crowds and  feels very private and calm.


Day 4

One the beach (Margaret River Mouth)

This little painting is done in acrylic on natural color Clairefontaine Acid-free paper 250 g/m2 (115 lb). It will look good matted and then framed.

                                                        Acrylic on paper, 7″ x 5 “, $40

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New sketches

My new sketches. First two – Montmartre (one is done on the natural paper which allows the use of white ink),  then Place Vendôme, the last one- Chateau Chenonceau.

Ink, pen, and watercolor pencils.






The simple art of pen and paper

I think that a beautiful stationery, like a beautiful underwear, should be used every day, or at least often enough – it is one of the simple joys we can treat ourselves with. And in our age of excessive consumerism I believe in surrounding yourself with less stuff, but using a better quality, more elegant things.

Nowadays people use instant ways of communications like emails and SMS so there is almost no place left for writing letters, postcards, journals (even a lot of that we often do on our devices-present blog post included). In fact, we have fewer and fewer interactions with good old paper and pen. We don’t need them to communicate anymore, so when we do use it, it can become almost an art form. And two little stores I have found in Marais, on Rue Pont Louis Phillipe (which also sometimes called “la rue du Papier“) are a proof that stationery could be very elegant and aesthetic. Continue reading

Pears, oil and charcoal on paper


Another painting/sketch which I have done with oil on paper.

The paper has almost no grain and still, I really like how oil interacts with it. You can put it on diluted or thick -it takes it beautifully.

Painting of pears