Chinatown in Paris

I miss Asia. It spoiled me. I have got used to eating a wonderful and а very diverse, real Asian food. After that, there is no way back. Now it is difficult to accept the compromises called  “American-Chinese” or “British-Chinese” cuisine. If you live in a big city, good authentic restaurants do exist, but you have to search for them. And I usually do.

So, I really cannot understand, why I haven’t been trying to find them here. Or, rather, I do understand – I moved Continue reading

Paris – Dubrovnik (part 2)

First part is here

The mornings and sometimes afternoons we spent on the beach. It was a pebble beach and I have noticed that all the beach goers there belonged to two categories: those who had a water shoes and those who had not. You could recognize the later by their peculiar walk.
The water there was cool, turquoise and incredibly clear (as everywhere in Dubrovnik, even in the harbor), a lovely cliff, covered with pine trees raised on one side of the beach. The locals liked to Continue reading

Paris – Dubrovnik (part 1)

It has been two weeks since we had returned from Dubrovnik, but every time I think about our trip, I can still feel the hot sun on my face, see the sparkling Adriatic sea and hear the shrill screams of the swifts playing above the walls of the Old City.

The trip started with a pleasant realization that I have finally learned how to travel light. All my previous attempts failed, but this time I seem to remember that out of all the clothes I usually take with me, I end up using only one-third of it and regret bringing the rest. Not this trip.

This time packing was easy and fast and I was light as ever – down to one small cabin luggage. Granted, we were only going for 6 days and my handbag is so big, it can easily Continue reading

Note on escargot


SaI I have integrated pretty well and with pleasure into French culture and I can successfully do many things Parisians do – I can speak and understand French, I wear scarves in all seasons, I can extend my espresso in a café over two hours, I can complain at length (although I was pretty good at it before), and I have mastered the famous French shrug. (Shrugging your shoulders with simultaneous sticking out of your lower lip which sometimes accompanied by the sound “bof”) Continue reading

Atelier Ramey

There is no shortage of places to eat in Paris. But, our demands are high-good food, reasonable price and please, (God forbid) no tourists! The last one especially difficult to meet, since this is Paris and Montmartre. But it seems that this Neo-bistro L’Atelier Ramey had it all.

 The interior reminded me of some trendy places in New York or San Francisco slightly industrial, with exposed brick walls and plastic fashionable gray chairs. (I admit, gray is my favorite color, but it’s so elegant, isn’t it?). The open kitchen is visible behind the glass wall, and, an interesting design detail, – in the middle of the restaurant floor was inserted  a big square of glass , beneath which you can see well-stoked wine cellar.

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Where can one meet a cow in Paris?

The answer is – at the Salon International de L’Agriculture, which happens every year at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.
When I went there I knew I am going to see some farm and domestic animals, but I did not expect to see it on such a scale. It was huge and well organized. Cows of all sorts, sheep, pigs, goats… and we haven’t even made it to the chickens, horses, dogs, and cats. My urban mind was blown away by the amount of different breeds of cows residing in France and the cherry on the cake was the existence of the cow of the year-Cerise, (pun intended) which was a face of the whole exhibition and made it to a national and international news. I could not help, but put  her portrait in here – she is definitely a beautiful animal!

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