Day 20


This is Yangon. The ex-capital is full of majestic colonial buildings, built by the British long time ago, which now stood abandoned, discolored, blackened by time and tropical downpours, surrounded by overgrown gardens, with birds flying freely in and out of empty eye sockets of the windows.


  Oil on acid-free gessoed Clairefontaine paper, mounted, 7″x 5″

Day 19

” Peaceful island”

This was one of the tiny islands of Ao Phang-nga National Park in Thailand, so small I don’t even know if it had a name.


Oil on acid-free gessoed foam board, 7″x 5″




Day 15

“Two apples”, oil on canvas paper, mounted on board, 7″x 5″

I love the shapes and the difference between these two, so I thought they will make a good pair for the today’s painting.

    Oil on canvas paper, mounted on board 7″x 5″, $90
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