Day 31

“Rain and sun, Rue du Parc Royal”. Gouache on paper sketch.

This is my last day of the one month of  Painting a Day project. The results – the good thing: I put myself  under pressure to create a painting a day and I did and loved doing it.  The difficult thing: I put myself  under pressure to create a painting a day. From now on I continue, but probably a few times a week only. You can see my paintings for sale in my Etsy shop

Gouache on paper, 6″x 4″

Day 30

“Road in Himalayas”.  Oil on gessoed paper.
Having spent 22 days in Nepal, doing Annapurna Circuit, I accumulate a lot of photos, which are now a pale reminder of all this sublime beauty of the mountains, as well as dirt, poverty, tiredness and altitude sickness, which one tends to gladly forget at the end of the trip.
 Oil on gessoed paper, 6″ x 4″


Day 27

“Spring in the Scottish Highlands”

Acrylic on  paper. Another version of the same subject, which I like so much, that I already painted it twice – one is in a private collection in California, one is in my Etsy store.

Acrylic on paper, 6″x 3.5″

Day 26

“Rice fields, Cambodia” Gouache on paper.

I have a busy few days coming up, so trying hard to paint every day, even if it is a smallest thing.

Gouache on paper, 6″x 3.5″

Day 25

“Old cemetery, Scottish Highlands”

Gouache on  paper. Another take on the same subject, my larger acrylic on wood painting, which which is in my Etsy store.

Gouache on paper, 6″x 3.5″

Day 23

“Houses on River Kwai”

On our Eastern and Oriental Express train trip from Singapore to Bangkok, one of the stops was Kanchanaburi, at the famous Bridge where Burma Railway crosses the river Kwai. It is a lot of confusion about which bridge was used in a movie with the same name, but in any case the bridge is intersting and surroundings  are picturesque.Oil on gessoed paper, 6″x 4″