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Hello! My name is Lena. I am Russian–born American, a professional pianist and artist, who graduated from Moscow University of Culture and Arts. Since then I have been living in New York, Singapore, Scotland, Northern California, Saigon and now in Paris.

I have always been a city girl. That’s what took me in the first place from medium size Crimean town to Moscow and after that to such megalopolises like New York and Singapore where I have spent 10 years.

Two of my main passions in life are art and food, and I am especially attracted and fascinated by two cultures-French and Japanese.

By French “Joie de vivre” which I have always tried to incorporate in my life, and by Japanese beautiful minimalism and incredible attention to details. Not to mention amazing cuisines of both countries. It is been my long-term dream, to live in Paris or Tokyo (or preferably, both).

So, in 2014 I have made a decision to go and create a new life far away. That’s how I ended up in this magnificent city where I am trying to live my life to the fullest and also master this beautiful, but diabolically difficult French language.

And, since I love food and art, Paris is a perfect place for both experience and creating them.

Why blog? I have been playing with the idea creating one for a long time. I love good blogs! And there are so many beautiful and inspiring ones out there that I felt intimidated to start my own, but…

I guess I had a few reasons:

1) It is a good way to keep in touch with my friends whom I have left behind in different countries and continents.

2) Blog (hopefully) will keep me more organized with my life and will be an artistic platform where I can express myself and share my work and my passions.

3) And…the last but not least…Paris is such beautiful and inspiring city that I feel it’s a waste not try to share it with others.

I love big dynamic places. I draw inspiration not from forests and mountains (although I enjoy them too), but from the city streets, its people, museums, concerts, and exhibitions, cafes, terraces, colors, smells and textures of a big city.

So there you have it – a visual diary from an inspired person.





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