Big sketches in the Little Theater of Happiness

It’s quiet late Sunday morning. I am leisurely walking through the empty streets of Montmartre towards a rendezvous with a naked woman. Well, to my first drawing session in Paris with a professional art model. In my bag – a wooden board,  big sheets of paper, and a box of charcoal. It’s cold today and there are very few people on the streets. Although streets are always empty on Sunday mornings. I love this magical time.

Walking in Paris, I am often torn between the desire to Continue reading

Chinatown in Paris

I miss Asia. It spoiled me. I have got used to eating a wonderful and а very diverse, real Asian food. After that, there is no way back. Now it is difficult to accept the compromises called  “American-Chinese” or “British-Chinese” cuisine. If you live in a big city, good authentic restaurants do exist, but you have to search for them. And I usually do.

So, I really cannot understand, why I haven’t been trying to find them here. Or, rather, I do understand – I moved Continue reading