Flowers of the Château de Chenonceau

Замок ШенонсоA last weekend we traveled towards Orléans to take canoes down river Loire and to see the Château de Chenonceau. And what a Château it was. Built across the river, as if floating on the water, it is surrounded by a lovely park on one side and a golden autumn forest on another. Inside were the usual attributes of royal dwellings of that era: old tapestries, small, almost children’s sofas and chairs, in which a modern derrière wouldn’t fit, gigantic cold fireplaces, the beds under satin and velvet canopies in which queens, kings, and their mistresses slept once upon the time.

But I wanted to talk about another thing, somethings which made this castle a very special one – the flower arrangements. The Château de Chenonceau has a team of two florists and one apprentice, who create a beauty in every room, including the kitchens and larders down below, in the bowels of the castle, almost on the level of the river water. From a very delicate, minimalistic arrangements to grand lavish compositions, suitable for royalty, exploding with autumn colors of fresh flowers, vegetables, eatable leaves and strange plants.

I will stop talking now and let you see for yourself.


One of the custodians proudly said, that around Christmas in the Château they do a “special” flower arrangements. Special! If all I have seen there so far was just an everyday bouquets, I am definitely coming back!




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