Parisian doors

I have decided to put together a little compilation of Parisian doors. They always attract me like a magnet, in many different ways. Some by their beauty, some by their massiveness, others by unusual colors or intricate doorknockers. I especially like an old, heavy, seasoned doors. And, I always have the same desire – to see what lays beyond. If I am lucky, and somebody opens a heavy portal at that moment, I can catch a glimpse of a private garden, a beautiful cobble-stoned courtyard or dark mysterious passage.

La Goutte D’Or – “Little Africa” of Paris

While tourists are ticking boxes in their classic sightseeing lists, flocking to Tour Eiffel, Café De Fleur, Louvre and Sacré Coeur, some parts of the city get much less attention, not fitting into the global image of a beautiful and romantic Paris.

But this city has many faces. Until one starts living here, one doesn’t realize that Paris, Continue reading

New sketches of Paris

Here are my new quick Parisian sketches- Invalides, Pont Au Change, Eglise de la Sainte-Trinité, Le Marais.

All of them done with ink pen, watercolors and watercolor pencils.

Sketch Paris

Paris sketch, Marais

Paris sketchParis sketch






From Rodin to Pasternak

Today is cooler outside and it drizzles in a very Scottish manner. But after having a week of heat without an air-conditioning, it’s very refreshing. There will be more of the hot days ahead, according to a weather report, but today we have a little preview of autumn.

The overcast weather started yesterday. We decided to give a visit to the Rodin Museum, bought the tickets ahead of time on the internet, and when we arrived at the gate, there was the longest queue. Imagine how we felt at that moment! We felt exactly this: very smart and cunning when they let us Continue reading