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poached egg with Serrano ham









Put a bottle of champagne in the freezer, while you reading this (optional, but recommended)

This little recipe is good for a lazy Sunday when you had “la grasse matinée” and woke up in that strange time – too late for breakfast, too early for lunch. That’s when the concept of brunch comes handy! And, personally, I am always trying to find an excuse to eat early.

Poached eggs for me always have been a realm of professional cooks and was related to buffet breakfasts in hotels and brunches at the restaurants. At home, I couldn’t be bothered with making them. It’s a pain in the butt and I was avoiding it, in spite of my love of poached eggs. That is until I have bought The Poaching Pods. Now I can cheat.

The eggs come out of these cute little pods almost as good as the “proper” ones, in relation to shape, and as to the content and the taste, they are identical. So,  now I use them often and they have changed my life (well, as far as poached eggs are concerned.)

Once we were staying in a B&B up in the Scottish Highlands and in the morning, for my breakfast, I had the cheek to order poached eggs with my Full Scottish. I regretted my decision when I heard characteristic “ping” of a microwave coming from the kitchen and braced myself for what was coming. And what came had little to do with a poached egg, but rather resembled a rubber ball which you could probably throw at the wall and it would bounce back at you. I was thinking, how many innocent traveler’s taste buds would be spared if those guys acquire the aforementioned poaching pods!





Anyway, back to the recipe.

Serves 2

2 large slices of your favorite good artisan bread, white or wholemeal (please, no pre-sliced pieces of sponge from the plastic bag!)
2 eggs (preferably organic)
Olive oil
Butter (optional)
Handful of arugula leaves (rocket)
4-6 thin slices of Spanish Serrano Ham or Prosciutto
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes, cut in half
Few fresh basil leaves

1. First, put about 2 inches of water to simmer in a pot with which can easily fit two egg poachers next to each other.

2. Meanwhile, add some olive oil to the pan and sauté cherry tomatoes for 5 min. In the end add some salt, freshly ground pepper and torn basil leaves.

3. Toast the bread in the toaster and put one slice on each plate. You can butter them just a little.

4. When the water started simmering, break one egg into each poaching pod (put a few drops of olive oil inside and smear it all over the pod beforehand). Add some salt and freshly cracked paper to the eggs and gently place them into the pot of simmering water. They should be floating on the top. Close the lid and let the water simmer for 5 min.

5. While eggs are poaching, open the champagne.

6. In the end of 5 min carefully take the poachers out the pot (I use metal tongs to grab the side of the poacher). Then, using a tablespoon, remove the poached eggs from them (in a manner, similar to how you would take the flesh from an avocado half). They will come out easily.

7. Now, to the final, assembling stage: first – the slice of the bread on the plate, then sautéed tomatoes on top, (divide the amount between two toasts), then arugula leaves, then slices of ham.
At last, crown it all with the poached egg, pour champagne into glasses and enjoy the beginning of your Sunday!









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