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poached egg with Serrano ham









Put a bottle of champagne in the freezer, while you reading this (optional, but recommended)

This little recipe is good for a lazy Sunday when you had “la grasse matinée” and woke up in that strange time – too late for breakfast, too early for lunch. That’s when the concept of brunch comes handy! And, personally, I am always trying to find an excuse to eat early.

Poached eggs for me always have been a realm of professional cooks and was related to buffet breakfasts in hotels and brunches at the restaurants. At home, I couldn’t be bothered with making them. It’s a pain in the butt and I was avoiding it, in spite of my love of poached eggs. That is until I have bought The Poaching Pods. Now I can cheat. Continue reading

Note on escargot


SaI I have integrated pretty well and with pleasure into French culture and I can successfully do many things Parisians do – I can speak and understand French, I wear scarves in all seasons, I can extend my espresso in a café over two hours, I can complain at length (although I was pretty good at it before), and I have mastered the famous French shrug. (Shrugging your shoulders with simultaneous sticking out of your lower lip which sometimes accompanied by the sound “bof”) Continue reading