The simple art of pen and paper

I think that a beautiful stationery, like a beautiful underwear, should be used every day, or at least often enough – it is one of the simple joys we can treat ourselves with. And in our age of excessive consumerism I believe in surrounding yourself with less stuff, but using a better quality, more elegant things.

Nowadays people use instant ways of communications like emails and SMS so there is almost no place left for writing letters, postcards, journals (even a lot of that we often do on our devices-present blog post included). In fact, we have fewer and fewer interactions with good old paper and pen. We don’t need them to communicate anymore, so when we do use it, it can become almost an art form. And two little stores I have found in Marais, on Rue Pont Louis Phillipe (which also sometimes called “la rue du Papier“) are a proof that stationery could be very elegant and aesthetic. Continue reading

Atelier Ramey

There is no shortage of places to eat in Paris. But, our demands are high-good food, reasonable price and please, (God forbid) no tourists! The last one especially difficult to meet, since this is Paris and Montmartre. But it seems that this Neo-bistro L’Atelier Ramey had it all.

 The interior reminded me of some trendy places in New York or San Francisco slightly industrial, with exposed brick walls and plastic fashionable gray chairs. (I admit, gray is my favorite color, but it’s so elegant, isn’t it?). The open kitchen is visible behind the glass wall, and, an interesting design detail, – in the middle of the restaurant floor was inserted  a big square of glass , beneath which you can see well-stoked wine cellar.

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Paris pen and ink sketches

Paris is a good city to draw and sketch. Great amount of Haussmann Architecture gives you an endless possibility for studying beautiful ornaments, balconies with magnificent grilles, decorative  stonework around the windows. But it also sometimes posing a problem for the one who trying to sketch them-too many details and you can get lost in them and overlook the whole picture.

Spring has arrived in Paris

The Spring is officially here! I have been walking for nearly three miles around Montmartre, trying to get a seat outdoors to have a glass of rosé. I thought I had a great idea to have a drink outside on one of the cafe terraces.  Apparently so did everyone else.

Everybody was out, enjoying the very warm weather and the sun. Sitting in cafes is a year-round activity in Paris but when the weather improves, the wine/coffee/Perrier sipping crowd moves outdoors. And then there is a “first come, first served” situation.

Paris is a beautiful city during any season, but when spring comes, it becomes truly outstanding. As nature awakes, the people also seem more awake and happy and relaxed. Or is it just me?

I am very happy the spring has finally arrived. For the first time in years, I had a winter blues. I guess that the gray Parisian winter sky was to blame for it. But now I am getting happier and more optimistic as I soak up the warm Spring sun …



Pears, oil and charcoal on paper


Another painting/sketch which I have done with oil on paper.

The paper has almost no grain and still, I really like how oil interacts with it. You can put it on diluted or thick -it takes it beautifully.

Painting of pears