Banana and walnut cake

banana and walnut cake

I can never catch up with the bananas in my house. Whenever I buy them it is either not enough or too much, and they quickly go dark on me. I don’t like eating them when they are not firm anymore and have this soft mushy texture, but that is when they are perfect to make a lovely simple cake.

So, do you have those overripe ones laying around in your fruit bowl and 10-15 min time for the preparation? Here is the recipe! Continue reading

It’s Kaiseki, Jim, but not as we know it.

A week ago we had lunch at “Maison Kaiseki”. Friends brought us to this much talked about restaurant/sushi bar in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

Using their own words, Maison Kaiseki is a restaurant laboratory. And when it comes to good food, I don’t mind to be a Guinea pig. Chef Hisayuki Takeuchi (aka Hissa) opened it in 1999 and since then have been creating unusual dishes, mixing traditional with innovative, experimenting, playing and pleasing the gourmets with this  New Japanese Cuisine.

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Food zen (aka Silken tofu with spring onion and ginger)

Bowl with tofu and chopstiksAs a non-vegetarian, I always thought that simple tofu, without some rich sauce or interesting ingredients added to it could be quite a bland affair.

And I continued thinking so until my last trip to Kyoto, where, in one small local restaurant, I had a tofu revelation!

This simple cube of silken tofu was served in beautiful raku bowl and had nothing added to it except a little bit of minutely chopped green onion and grated fresh ginger on top. And soy sauce, which you carefully pour over it. That’s it. Simple, but heavenly. And it melted in the mouth like butter.

So, I stole the recipe (which was not much of a recipe) and recreated it a home.

The only thing you have to remember is that tofu has to be really good quality and extra-extra silken (soft). Other types just won’t do.

Silken tofu

I cube of extra silken (soft) tofu (100gr)
I small piece of ginger about 3 cm, peeled and grated (or minutely chopped)
I spring onion or chives(also minutely chopped)
Soy sauce (I love Kikkoman)

Place the tofu in your most beautiful bowl in the house, sprinkle ginger and green onion on top and serve with soy sauce on the side to gently pour over it.  Itadakimasu!


Where can one meet a cow in Paris?

The answer is – at the Salon International de L’Agriculture, which happens every year at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.
When I went there I knew I am going to see some farm and domestic animals, but I did not expect to see it on such a scale. It was huge and well organized. Cows of all sorts, sheep, pigs, goats… and we haven’t even made it to the chickens, horses, dogs, and cats. My urban mind was blown away by the amount of different breeds of cows residing in France and the cherry on the cake was the existence of the cow of the year-Cerise, (pun intended) which was a face of the whole exhibition and made it to a national and international news. I could not help, but put  her portrait in here – she is definitely a beautiful animal!

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